DigiLooks HealthCare is a digital healthcare platform to store, organize and retrieve your health records in an easy and organized way under the secure and guarded shelter of cloud services. One can Supervise and Upload their Health check-up records like Medical history; Immunizations, Prescriptions and can access from anywhere at any time. Under Wellness there are diverse Health Calculators & Health Tools helps you to examine the hypothesis of your lifestyle on your short tenure as well as long tenure health. Other features include Free Diet plans, Calorie finder. DigiLooks HealthCare lets you navigate with comfort of touch via mobile App (Android and IOS).

We have designed this platform to as per the important prerequisite of the healthcare industry today. The data and communication tools are grounded on knowledge explanations which gives you a all-inclusive platform of advanced ‘cognize-to-manage’ online health care data profile.

We are driving Healthcare initiative in Schools/Educational Institutions where we assist them to adhere with CBSE guidelines of health check up and medical records digitization. We deliver countless set of features to the students/ parents through website and Mobile App for ease.



We aim at providing high-quality, all-inclusive, holistic medical attention and healthcare support. We aim to help a lot of students to become perspicacious and Learned health consumers and supporters for their own well-being and the well-being of others.


Improved Physical and Mental Health breeds happiness

We aim to support the education process by encouraging and empowering students to generate the best level of health, so they can contribute completely in education and extracurricular events. We are enthusiastic to offer accessible, superior healthcare Physical and Mental opportunities that is needed for all our students today.

As per Ernest Boyer, “Wellness must be a prerequisite to all else. Students cannot be intellectually proficient if they are physically and psychologically unwell.”


We value the Health of the students as a healthy mind and healthy body will solitary accomplish to its completest. Our Team are dedicated to endeavour student care and counselling sessions, along with responsible recommendations when specified. We are driving Healthcare initiative in Educational Institutions where we assist them to adhere with CBSE & other Education board guidelines of health check-up and medical records digitization etc. We deliver countless set of features to the students/ parents & Schools through website and Mobile App for ease.
DigiLooks HealthCare encourages “Improved Health, Improved education, Improved outcomes”!!

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