DigiLooks HealthCare – your online healthcare manager envisions to give you 360 degree online support in maintaining your personal healthcare records under the safe and secure shelter of Amazon web services.
PHR-Personal Health Record is a health record where health data and information related to the care of a patient is maintained by the patient.
digilookshealthcare.com collects all your medical records (prescriptions, x-rays, ECG etc. from anywhere you want to (home, office, on the go etc.), brings it to our setup, digitizes the records, optimizes the records (size, orientation etc.) and uploads it on your profile on our website.
We scan all your documents, optimize them and upload them on your profile page. So they are as good as the original one when you take a print out.
No. This is a cloud based service and does not require any special software or even hardware to be used at the user end. You can easily access it through any internet enabled device like mobile phone, tablet, laptop etc. You can download our mobile app for both Android and iPhone users.
We ensure full safety and security of all your data. Your records are stored on AMAZON CLOUD (which provides storage for sites like Dropbox, Instagram, etc.) It cannot be sold or provided to any third parties without your permission. Your Information is only accessible to you through your user ID and your password.
Yes. Once your profile is created and approved by us, you can yourself digitize and upload your medical records as many times as you want; provided you upload it in .jpeg, .png or .pdf format. Also you can click photos of your medical records from your mobile phone and upload it directly to your profile – anytime, anywhere!
You can subscribe online – pay the subscription fees online using a credit card, net banking, debit card. Once your amount is cleared, we would verify your subscription status and there you go. You are ready to manage your personal health records.
Once you subscribe for the service, you will be provided with: You get to access the P.H.R. (for first 15 days), Health Calculators, Health Tips and Symptom Checker free of cost. For other services like E.H.R., Health Tools, Drug Locator, Diet Consultation and Family Tree you can upgrade your pl
Don’t worry. Our website works from any internet enabled device (mobile phone, tablet etc.). Hence you can access it from your handheld device anytime anywhere through internet.
Yes. You can store any information you choose, on the website. You can store your insurance, mediclaim documents etc. under the Insurance section under PHR fields. We recommend that you keep a copy of your driver’s license and passport stored in your account so you can quickly re-establish your identity in the event of these documents being lost or stolen.
Yes. You can print your records.
Yes. You can share your profile information and records with doctors, dieticians and anyone, anywhere. In fact you can decide what records to share and until what date and time your records would be visible by that person.
Please think twice before deleting any document. Because document once deleted cannot be recovered.
You can click on the “Forgot Password” link on the sign in/sign up page to reset your password OR call us at our helpline +91-7065663008. You can also contact us by e-mail at support@digilookshealthcare.com and we will get back to you at the earliest.
Congrats. We wish you to keep up with the same health throughout your life. You can sign up and store health data for yourself as well your family members. You can also set alerts and reminders for general health checkups and appointments etc. which will send you a reminder on your phone (SMS/call), email, whichever mode you chose. This can help you to keep up your health level to the optimum.

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