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We target at providing Health checkup camps in schools whereby we conduct a whole-body checkup for the students and it welfares in disclosure of early child problems. We are driving Healthcare initiative in Schools/Educational Institutions where we assist them to adhere with CBSE guidelines of health checkup and medical records digitization. These Health Checkup Camps welfares in disclosure of early childhood problems and thus steps can be taken competently to eradicate the same.

As it is correctly said: “Prevention is better than cure”

These main welfares of these Health Checkup Camps are as follows:

  • Creating Health Awareness amongst students and parents.
  • Changeable/Unbalanced Lifestyles, Tension& Stress and Pollution Levels.
  • Disclosure of Early Childhood problem.
  • Digitization of Health Records.
  • Orderly/Appropriate Up-growth of child.

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