Refund Policy

If the refund request is made by the user/client and he/she wants to terminate the services prior to completion of the tenure fixed, then it may be terminated on the following grounds:

Cancellation within first 30 days:

Sixty percent (60%) of the total subscription fee before adding service tax would be refunded to the subscriber if he/she wishes to discontinue the services within 30 days of subscription. No service tax would be refunded. This policy applies to all the plans which are available right now and which would be available in future.  In case of a refund, the subscriber’s account would be deleted permanently with immediate effect once the refund is made.  Please note that it might take a week or more to refund the amount. Once the account is deleted it cannot be retrieved and if the subscriber wants to continue their services, he/she have to open a new account with, which would be chargeable on the basis of the plans that subscriber wants to choose from.

Cancellation after 30 days:

If the subscriber wants a refund after 30 days, no amount would be refunded. The subscriber can get a refund before 30 days of service only. Still if the subscriber wants to close the account. It shall be done without providing a refund.

Notice of Cancellation/Refund:

Subscriber agrees to direct all cancellation requests to via email; The cancellation request must include verification of ownership of the account as determined by the

Outside of the Money Back Guarantee, refunds are not offered.

Note that the 30 day period ends exactly 30 days from the day on which account was originally activated (not the day the order was placed). This guarantee is VOID if your account violates our Terms of Service.

Failure to fully comply with these terms is grounds for account suspension and/or deactivation (with or without refund, subject to the discretion of

We reserve the right to remove any account without prior notice. If we deactivate your account for violating policy, you will forfeit your rights to a refund and none will be given. No refunds for advanced payment.

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